Realising the Right to Education in Uganda

On the 23rd and 24th of May last week, the Legal Resources Centre, hosted by the Initiative for Social and Economic Rights (ISER), conducted a workshop in Kampala, Uganda, on litigating on the right to education.

This was the LRC’s third visit to Kampala after our collaborative relationship with ISER started in 2015. Each time, we’ve discussed the right to education from a slightly different angle. This time, we invited public interest organisations in Uganda to submit cases studies, setting out the facts of a case they would like to run. We received four case studies cutting across the education space: improving implementation of Universal Primary Education and Universal Secondary Education Policies, improving access to education for disabled learners, reducing corporal punishment in schools, and dealing with routine impromptu and compulsory pregnancy tests in schools.

The specificity of the case study approach to the workshop facilitated an environment full of excellent, productive engagement, and a number of practical suggestions on how to take particular cases forward. We were delighted by the depth of expertise and passion for education rights displayed by participants. We have arrived home with some fresh ideas for implementing our own education work. Thanks indeed for these new perspectives, and for the fantastic Ugandan hospitality.

by Samantha Brener

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